Episode Guide



BlueDot2 1. Pilot
BlueDot2 2. Top Banana
BlueDot2 3. Bringing Up Buster
BlueDot2 4. Key Decisions
BlueDot2 5. Visiting Ours
BlueDot2 6. Charity Drive
BlueDot2 7. My Mother, the Car
BlueDot2 8. In God We Trust
BlueDot2 9. Storming the Castle
BlueDot2 10. Pier Pressure
BlueDot2 11. Public Relations
BlueDot2 12. Marta Complex
BlueDot2 13. Beef Consommé
BlueDot2 14. Shock and Aww
BlueDot2 15. Staff Infection
BlueDot2 16. Missing Kitty
BlueDot2 17. Altar Egos
BlueDot2 18. Justice is Blind
BlueDot2 19. Best Man for the Gob
BlueDot2 20. Whistler’s Mother
BlueDot2 21. Not Without My Daughter
BlueDot2 22. Let Them Eat Cake

NOTE #1: The above episode arrangement is the “corrected” order of the season 1 dvd, where the episodes were restored to the order in which they were intended to be viewed. Fox had originally broadcast the season in a slightly different order, creating several continuity issues. On Netflix, the episodes have also been arranged in the erroneous broadcast order. Management strongly recommends viewing the episodes in the order above.
NOTE #2: Many sources have Let Them Eat Cake titled “Let ‘Em Eat Cake” instead. Management has opted to go with the version of the title that appears on the dvd.


BlueDot2 1. The One Where Michael Leaves
BlueDot2 2. The One Where They Build a House
BlueDot2 3. ¡Amigos!
BlueDot2 4. Good Grief
BlueDot2 5. Sad Sack
BlueDot2 6. Afternoon Delight
BlueDot2 7. Switch Hitter
BlueDot2 8. Queen for a Day
BlueDot2 9. Burning Love
BlueDot2 10. Ready, Aim, Marry Me!
BlueDot2 11. Out on a Limb
BlueDot2 12. Hand to God
BlueDot2 13. Motherboy XXX
BlueDot2 14. The Immaculate Election
BlueDot2 15. Sword of Destiny
BlueDot2 16. Meat the Veals
BlueDot2 17. Spring Breakout
BlueDot2 18. The Righteous Brothers

NOTE #2: Many sources have The Righteous Brothers titled “Righteous Brothers” instead. Management has opted to go with the version of the title that appears on the dvd.


BlueDot2 1. The Cabin Show
BlueDot2 2. For British Eyes Only
BlueDot2 3. Forget-Me-Now
BlueDot2 4. Notapusy
BlueDot2 5. Mr. F
BlueDot2 6. The Ocean Walker
BlueDot2 7. Prison Break-In
BlueDot2 8. Making a Stand
BlueDot2 9. S.O.B.s
BlueDot2 10. Fakin’ It
BlueDot2 11. Family Ties
BlueDot2 12. Exit Strategy
BlueDot2 13. Development Arrested



BlueDot2 1. Flight of the Phoenix
BlueDot2 2. Borderline Personalities
BlueDot2 3. Indian Takers
BlueDot2 4. The B. Team
BlueDot2 5. A New Start
BlueDot2 6. Double Crossers
BlueDot2 7. Colony Collapse
BlueDot2 8. Red Hairing
BlueDot2 9. Smashed
BlueDot2 10. Queen B.
BlueDot2 11. A New Attitude
BlueDot2 12. Señoritis
BlueDot2 13. It Gets Better
BlueDot2 14. Off the Hook
BlueDot2 15. Blockheads

NOTE: In 2018, a recut of season 4 was released, under the name “Season 4 Remix: Fateful Consequences.” This version has replaced the original cut of season 4 in Netflix’s episode guide, while the original cut has been moved to the “Special Features/Extras” menu (it is also available for purchase on dvd). Management strongly recommends viewing the original cut over the remix.


BlueDot2 1. Family Leave
BlueDot2 2. Self-Deportation
BlueDot2 3. Everyone Gets Atrophy
BlueDot2 4. An Old Start
BlueDot2 5. Sinking Feelings
BlueDot2 6. Emotional Baggage
BlueDot2 7. Rom-Traum
BlueDot2 8. Premature Independence
BlueDot2 9. Unexpected Company
BlueDot2 10. Taste Makers
BlueDot2 11. Chain Migration
BlueDot2 12. Check Mates
BlueDot2 13. The Untethered Sole
BlueDot2 14. Saving for Arraignment Day
BlueDot2 15. Courting Disasters
BlueDot2 16. The Fallout

Deconstructing Arrested Development is in no way affiliated with Imagine Entertainment, The Hurwitz Company, Netflix, 21st Century Fox, Disney or any subsidiaries thereof. It is a completely unofficial fan-made project.

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